Occupational Health – Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Questions

Do I need an appointment?

No, walk-ins are always welcomed.


What forms of ID are required for drug testing?

You must provide a valid picture ID, we cannot accept a copy.


Can I use my private insurance?

No.  An injured employee is covered under worker’s compensation insurance.


Can I get a copy of my records?

Yes. However, there is a charge for obtaining your records that is based on Georgia Law. Please contact the office for the current charge rate.


How can I get a refill of my medication?

Please contact our office (404-855-3300) and a staff member can assist you with your request.


How long before my drug test results are available?

Please allow 24-72 hours depending on the type of test requested.


Can I get a copy of my drug test results?

No.  If you were sent by your employer you will need to request the results from them.


Employer Questions

How can I set up an account with Healthworx?

Please contact our office (404-855-3300) and one of our staff members will assist you in opening an account with us.


How can I get more authorization forms?

Let one of our staff members know and we will send you some new authorization pads.


What should my employee bring when visiting your clinic?

Make sure they bring a completed authorization form and a valid picture ID.


How soon will I receive employee (drug test) results?

You will receive results within 48-72 hours depending on the type of tests they had done.