Drug & Alcohol Testing

Maintain a safe and productive work environment with our drug screening services customized to fit your company’s specific needs.

Occupational Healthworx can assist you with your company’s drug and alcohol testing needs. Our certified collectors are knowledgeable about the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines and Georgia’s drugs don’t work program. We can assist your company with policy guidance, participation in random screening programs, and on site collection services. If you already have a drug and alcohol testing policy we can help you maximize its benefits. Occupational Healthworx  is dedicated to keeping the workplace drug and alcohol free.  Let us help you find a program that best suits your company’s needs.


Services provided:

  • Certified Medical Review Services

  • Breath Alcohol Testing – DOT

  • Breath Alcohol Testing – Non DOT

  • Hair Testing – Drug, Non DOT

  • Urine Drug Testing – DOT (Post Offer, Random, Post Accident, Reasonable suspicion, Return to Duty)

  • Urine Drug Testing – Non DOT

  • Random Selection Program

  • HHS Certified Laboratory Utilization

Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Our Certified MRO is knowledgeable in substance abuse disorders, in the medical use of prescription drugs and the pharmacology and toxicology of illicit drugs. The primary responsibility of the MRO is to review and interpret positive test results for an employer’s DOT or Non-DOT drug testing program, in accordance with applicable regulations. Since a positive test result does not automatically identify an employee/applicant as an illegal drug user, the MRO must assess and determine whether alternate medical explanations (prescription drugs, etc.) could account for the positive test result.